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VATERSKRUEN® and LEVELFIX™ are registered trademarks for a patented screw system that makes installing windows fast and easy with optimal precision.


The screw was developed in 2010 by two Norwegian building contractors named Øyvind Brochmann and Paul Arne Nesbø. They acquired the patent on their innovation in Norway, and in a number of other countries after that.

In 2012, Øyvind and Paul Arne founded a company named Vaterskruen AS in Nittedal, Norway. In 2024, the company changed its name to Levelfix Trading & Byggmester Consult AS. This company manufactures the screw and its adjustment wrench for import to Norway and other countries.

The screw is sold by a selected number of distributors in several countries. In Norway, the screw is available under the name VATERSKRUEN®, and in other countries it is called LEVELFIX™.
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